Octaga Visual Solutions is now a part of the Visco group




Over the last 10 years Tryllefilm, Diis, Visual Garden and Octaga Visual Solutions has joined forces with Visco to become one of Norway’s largest visualization companies. They are all bringing expertise to the table: Tryllefilm’s creativity, Diis’ architecture knowledge, Visual Garden’s film and Octaga Visual Solutions’ interactive presentations. Today we count more than 100 employees.


During the last 15 years we have executed more than 2000 successful visualization projects to various complex industries. As our experience has grown and through acquisitions we have evolved into a total visualization management company that supports our client`s entire value chain.


Our total service ‘Visualization Management’ includes custom-made solutions within:

-          Film, Animation and Illustration

-          Virtual Reality

-          3D-print

-          Interactive Presentations


-We have a unique mix of in-house competence. With the ability to team up - creative story tellers, designers and aesthetes with technical engineers and programmers - unique solutions can be created. In this intersection of disciplines, amazing opportunities occurs to create custom-made and valuable solutions for our clients, says Viscos CEO, Øystein Stray.


After the merger Visco now has the capacity to serve new customers, as well as extending the services to existing customers such as Statoil, Kongsberg Group, FMC Technologies, ENI, Aker Solutions, Siemens, GE Oil & Gas and Höegh LNG.


Visco assists their clients with consulting and visualization solutions suited for sales and marketing, training and maintenance for technology companies within industries where the complexity is high, such as oil and gas, maritime industries, defense, aviation, car industry and urban developments.


The company are located in Haugesund and Bergen in addition to the larger departments in Stavanger, Oslo and Kongsberg, with production support in Polen and Ukraine.


CEO Øystein Stray are available for further comments:

Mob.: +47 932 12 933 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please have a look at our new website: www.visco.no



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